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Media advisory: UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson to co-host a special event for the HeForShe campaign


HeForShe is a solidarity movement for gender equality, which calls upon men and boys to stand up against the persisting inequalities faced by women and girls globally. The campaign strengthens the support for women’s rights as human rights by enlisting the support of men and exhorting them to put themselves forward as advocates for gender equality

Reporting for the Beijing+20, Youth Engagement and Gender Responsive Advocacy


Purpose:  Provision of training for effective online and social media communications and advocacy for Beijing+20 and Youth Engagement to 20 Journalists in Asia and the Pacific Region

Date of Training Programme Delivery:  17-20 November 2014   

Location: Bangkok, Thailand       

Beijing+20 India Civil Society National Consultation held in New Delhi, India.

Voices at the Beijing+20 India CSO National Consultation. Photo credit: UN Women/Sonia Bindra

New Delhi, August 27, 2014 - “After receiving gender training and understanding what gender inequality entails, I would go back home and count the number of times that I was discriminated against. It was eye-opening and I realised how much women suffer in a patriarchal society.” Radha Bai voiced the experiences of thousands of women of her tribe in India’s Madhya Pradesh state during the Beijing+20 India Civil Society Organizations (CSO) National Consultation held on 11 and 12 August in New Delhi, India.

Call for Expression of Interest to Partner with UNHCR India in 2015 to Protect and Support Refugees


New Delhi, 27 August 2014: UNHCR is inviting Calls for Expression of Interest (EOI) from existing or prospective partners that wish to participate in UNHCR’s operation in 2015 and contribute complementary resources (human resources, knowledge, funds, in-kind contributions) to support refugees and asylum seekers in India rebuild their lives through a community based approach. Deadline: 14 September 2014